Micro switches MS 385

Micro switches are basic element for switching of electric current in circuits.

Micro switches of the family MS 385 are intended for household appliances. Snap-acting mechanism containing the copper beryllium spring ensures accurate repeatability at the preset switching point. Most frequent application is switching of inductive or resistive loadings in AC and DC circuits.
Low voltage version consists of gold plated contacts to ensure high reliability.

Micro switches MS 385 have the following basic technical characteristics:

 -          operating: basic version, version with lever, version with
 -          switching diagram: normally closed, normally opened,
            change over
 -          type of connector: 6,3 x 0,8 mm
 -          switching capacity: 16(4)A / 250V ~ ;  10(3)A / 250V ~ ;
            5(2)A / 250V ~
 -          operating temperature: T 125
 -          the distance between contacts: less than 3mm
 -          minimal life endurance: 100 000 cycles

 Micro switches are ENEC and UL approved.


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