Electronic thermostat

Electronic thermostat is designed to ensure longer life of the water heater.

Electronic thermostat model TRM 2.4 design is based on the customer request and our research/development activities. This is a modular component so different configurations and functions are available.

Basic function modules are:

    * Control module: switches the heating element, controls the
      operation of the heating element, follows the quantity of Mg
      on Mg anode, follows the lime scale deposit and protect the
      device against over heating due to start without water.
    * Signal module: LED signals heater operation, missing Mg,
       lime scale deposit, start with no water.

The basic technical characteristics of electronic thermostats are:

 -          mounting: with self-screw 3.5 x 7 mm
 -          connection: connector 4.8 x 0.8 mm
 -          temperature range: 10 to 85 dgr.C
 -          temperature settings tolerance: + - 3 dgr.K
 -          hysteresis: 5 st.K
 -          regulation mode: on / off
 -          rating: 16A / 230 V ~
 -          operating temperature: dgr.C
 -          sensor: NTC
 -          temperature settings: with rotation/off regulation knob


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