Sparking plugs

Sparking plugs are electrodes, which serve for arcing and consequent ignition of gas.

Sparking plugs are used for gas ignition in the cooking appliances and water heaters for central heating. They are made of ceramic housings, electrode and connecting wire. They are used together with high voltage transformers for gas ignition. Families of sparking plugs are EAxx, EBxx and EDxx.

The basic technical characteristics of sparking plugs are:
    -       mounting: with screw, nut or with the appropriate clamp
    -       housing: ceramics sintered Al 92-96%
    -       electrode: stainless steel
    -       ceramic housing: raw, enamelled, partly enamelled
    -       connection: direct with the connection 2.8 x 0.8 mm,
            with a high-voltage conductor with a silicone or teflon
    -       length of wires: 250 - 1200 mm


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