There is no household appliance or water heater without electric heater.

Heaters are electric heaters to achieve a desired temperature of medium in the household and heating appliances. They are made of stainless or copper metal layer, resistive wire and intermediate insulation. Basic family of heater is PG 105. This is a bar heater, which is designed for water heaters. It is not in direct contact with water, but is inserted in a metallic protective sleeve. The advantages of this implementation are: better durability, longer life and easy replacement.

The basic technical characteristics of heater family PG 105 are:
    -       external diameter: diam. 12 mm
    -       length: depends on power
    -       mounting: the fixing screw in protective sleeve
    -       connection: connector 6.3 x 0.8 mm
    -       connection voltage: 230V ~

 The standard models of heater PG 103 are:

Power                      Specific power                        Length

  300 W                         2,4 W/cm2                       265 mm
  600 W                         4,8 W/cm2                       265 mm
  700 W                         4,4 W/cm2                       325 mm
1000 W                         5,0 W/cm2                       400 mm
In the case of large quantities also models by customer requirement available.
Heaters are VDE approved.



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