Oven ventilator fan motor

Oven ventilator fan motor is used for mixing the air and achieves uniform temperature in the oven.

Oven ventilator fan motor is oven for mixing the air.

It consists of the electric motor, ventilation blade, insulating panels and attachment nuts.

The basic technical characteristics of oven ventilator fan motor:
     -       mounting: with three screws on the M5 diameter 100m
             at an angle of 120 degrees
     -       electric connection: connector 6.3 x 0.8 mm
     -       connecting voltage: 250V ~
     -       rotation speed: 1400 turns per minute
     -       operating temperature: T 100
Other variable features for oven ventilator fan motor:
     -       the length of the axis: by customer request
     -       shape of the ventilation blade: various
     -       possible combinations: the potential supply of the entire
             set or just the motor
Ventilator fan motor are VDE approved.



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