Pressure switches

Pressure switches are components intended to control the water level in washing machines, dishwashers and other electrical appliances.

Pressure switches HD 505 are intended to regulate the levels of water in the washing machines, dishwashers and other electrical appliances. Operation is based on pressure variation as a result of different water level. Pressure variation is actuating the switching mechanism through the rubber membrane. It is designed so that allows the regulation of very low levels being a small component. Different versions regulate one or two levels with the possibility of spill over and heater protection.

Basic technical characteristics of pressure switches are:

 -          operating: through air connecting tube diameter 5.5 mm
 -          mounting: with self-tapping screw 3,5 x 9,5 mm or with
            adapter for quick mounting on the cover of pressure
 -          connectors: 6,3 x 0,8 mm, R5, R2,5
 -          switch capacity and minimal life endurance of switch:
                           *  set contact 10(4)A / 250V~ ;
                               30 000 cycles
                           *  reset contact 16(4)A / 250V~ ;
                               30 000 cycles
                           *  spill over contact 1(2)A / 250V~ ;
                               10 000 cycles
 -          distance between contacts: less than 3 mm
 -          operating temperature: T 85
 -          levels: factory adjusted between 40 and 350 mm H2O
 -          standard tolerances: + - 7,5 mm H2O; spill over level
            + - 30 mm H2O

Other possibilities of pressure switch versions:

 -          pressure switches according to the number of levels:
            single level, double level
 -          possibility of additional spill over protection
 -          position of the air connector: by customer requirement
 -          type of electrical connection:
                          *   double level pressure switches have
                               individual connectors
                          *   single level pressure switch have individual
                               connectors or connector R5 and R 2,5

Pressure switches are VDE and UL approved.


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