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Company Emvetron d.o.o. is young, fast growing company, operating since 2000. It is active in the field of components for household and heating appliances.

Employees of the company have years of experience in the development, design and marketing of electrical components for large and small household appliances and equipment in the field of heating technology.
Basic activities of the company are the following:

•   development of new components in the field of home and
    heating appliances and based on an innovative approach
    in resolving the problems still usolved in this area
•   the design of functional subassemblies for large household
    appliances and water heaters based on the integration of
    own components and components from distribution
•   distribution and representation of principals/manufacturers
    of components such as: ITW Metalflex d.o.o., ITW Industrial
    Components S.r.l. ( Ispracontrols, Fastex, ElettroGiBi ),
    E.G.O. GmbH ( ETA Cerkno d.o.o., Elektro-Kontakt d.d.),
    Cast Futura S.p.A., Imat S.p.A., Tecasa S.r.l., Ltd.,.....


Emvetron d.o.o.,
Trg Tigrovcev 4,
5220 Tolmin
Tel.: 05 38 11 072
Fax.: 05 38 11 073
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